Custom Software for Oil & Gas
Companies in Calgary

Oil and gas companies in Calgary rely heavily on technology to improve efficiency and optimize their operations. From exploration and drilling to production and transportation, the industry relies on a variety of software solutions to streamline processes and make informed decisions. Many of these software solutions are custom built to specification.

It's common for us to get approached by oil & gas companies here in Calgary to build highly domain-specific, centralized data management platforms. Usually after a client has outgrown Excel or Sharepoint, there's a point where they have to decide how to manage their information at scale. With a large amount of data coming from various sources, including sensors on oil rigs, pipelines, and tanker trucks, it can be challenging for companies to manage and analyze this information in a meaningful way. A custom software solution can help by providing a single point of access to all operational and field data, allowing employees to easily search, visualize, and report on relevant information.

Federated developed a proprietary, built-from-scratch solution for a local Calgary oil and gas firm, implementing a custom data management platform based on their needs. Ultimately, implementation and rollout of this application company-wide resulted in a significant increase in efficiency and productivity. By centralizing all data in a single location, the company was able to eliminate the need for multiple, disconnected systems and manual data entry. This saved time and reduced the risk of errors, as employees no longer had to spend hours sifting through different systems and spreadsheet to find the data they needed.

A key aspect of this custom oil & gas solution is a predictive maintenance module. In the oil and gas industry, equipment failures can have serious consequences - lost production, environmental damage, and even injury or death. A predictive maintenance platform can help by using machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and extrapolate when equipment is likely to fail. This allows the client to proactively schedule maintenance and repairs, reducing the likelihood of unplanned downtime and improving safety.

Our client saw a significant reduction in equipment failures and unplanned downtime. By identifying potential problems before they occurred, the company was able to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs, saving money and increasing production.

Custom software solutions can provide significant benefits for oil and gas companies by improving efficiency, productivity, and safety. From centralized data management platforms to predictive maintenance systems, there are a variety of options available to meet the unique needs of these companies. By working with a software development team to create a custom solution, oil and gas firms in Calgary can gain a competitive edge and optimize their operations.

Custom software for oil & gas companies in Calgary