Custom Software for Surveying Companies
and Geotechnical Firms (Case Study)

Custom software can greatly benefit surveying and geotechnical firms in Calgary by streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. In this case study, we will look at how a custom software solution was developed for a mid-sized surveying company to help them better manage their field data collection, job scheduling, and CAD drafting processes.

The company had been using a combination of manual processes, clunky Access databases, and off-the-shelf software to handle the scheduling of their field jobs, as well as the invoicing and accounts payable in the back office. This was time-consuming and error-prone, and it was difficult for the company to track the timing and progress of their jobs and make informed decisions day-to-day.

To address these issues, the company decided to invest in a custom software solution developed by Federated Software that would be tailored to their specific needs and workflows. The development team worked closely with the company to understand their business processes and gather requirements for the software.

The custom web-based (intranet) software solution was designed to simplify WIP and AR processes, streamline invoicing and collection procedures, and scheduling and reporting in the field, with features such as highly customized land survey job scheduling, real-time data synchronization, and automated PDF report and template invoice/letter generation. The software was also designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple interface that made it easy for field technicians and office staff to input and access data.

Since implementing the custom software, the company has seen significant improvements in their efficiency and accuracy. Field staff are able to collect and analyze data more quickly and accurately, which has reduced errors and improved the turnaround time and profitability of their jobs. The company is also able to track the progress of their projects more easily, which has helped them make informed decisions and stay on schedule.

Overall, the custom software has proven to be a valuable investment for this surveying company. It has helped them streamline their workflows, improve efficiency, and deliver higher-quality services to their clients. This case study illustrates the power of custom software to transform businesses and improve processes, and it serves as a testament to the value of investing in tailored solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of a company.

Custom software for surveying companies in Calgary