We provide a full suite of software development services to businesses in and around Calgary. Typically software development can be categorized by platform - software is usually either web-based, desktop-based, or on a mobile platform (iPhone, Android apps). Often the tasks and skills overlap (graphic design, database development, etc.) - your project might indeed be a hybrid of these types.

  • Web Applications

    Web ApplicationsWhile simple websites showcase your products and services, web applications go beyond just show & tell. Web applications contain features that enable your business to function more efficiently, whether that means communicate and share information more effectively, automate manual processes, store and manage transactions, or whatever the case may be. Web applications are accessed from a web browser, and can be updated and maintained without having to install software on each computer that uses it. All application files and data can be centralized, making updates simple. Common web applications include webmail, online retail sales, auctions, social network sites, corporate intranets, content management systems, invoicing systems, etc.

    Platforms and technologies include ASP.NET (C#, VB.NET), Visual Basic, Ruby/Rails, Python, Node.js, Django, Javascript, HTML, CSS

  • Desktop Software

    Desktop SoftwareDesktop software is designed usually with one or more operating systems in mind, and runs as an installed program on a desktop or laptop computer. Desktop applications usually manage their own data files and documents, or communicate with a centralized database on the network. Desktop applications are great when internet connectivity is not guaranteed. Desktop programs usually require a more complicated plan with regard to updates and maintenance, since each computer must be updated individually. Desktop applications often entail a richer user experience, with more user interface options and features available. Increasingly though, web applications (and especially mobile and tablet apps) rival and in some cases surpass the user interface quality found in desktop applications - the lines are become more and more blurred between the various types applications and platform choices available.

    Platforms and technologies include .NET (C#, VB.NET), Visual Basic, Java, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite

  • Websites & Design

    Websites & DesignWe offer complete website development and graphic design services. We are also proficient with all of today's content management systems (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.) e-commerce engines, shopping cart modules, and payment platforms (Stripe, Shopify, RegNow, PayPal, etc.) Just let us know what you need and how we can help!

    Platforms and technologies include ASP.NET (C#, VB.NET), Ruby/Rails, Python, Node.js, Django, Javascript, HTML, CSS

  • Mobile & Tablet Apps

    Mobile & Tablet AppsNeed an app or mobile web site developed for your mobile device? We do those too! Let us know what you need and what devices you want to target.

    Mobile platforms include iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, and custom proprietary hardware.

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